PIAMEX Automation’s 1st Anniversary: A Year Filled with Innovation and Achievements

Published on Sep 1, 2022


PIA Automation is celebrating the first anniversary of its Mexico location, PIAMEX Automation. Five years of strong business relations between PID and PIA Automation resulted in PIAMEX, the outcome blending the best of both companies. Throughout the past year, PIAMEX has been continuously growing, incorporating new capabilities, expanding their team, and making an impact on their local community through economic growth.

"When we brought PIAMEX into the PIA Group a year ago, we didn’t think we could achieve so much in one year- but, together with Dr. Uwe Krueger, President at PIA Automation North America, and the rest of the global leadership team, we were successful.” says Mario Duron, Vice President of Sales, Customer Service & Technology at PIAMEX. “That same spirit of global support exists today for each PIAMEX team member, inspiring a culture of success and productivity”

He goes on to say, “We are driven by the simple goal of serving our international customers locally and creating efficiency with our global support. The PIAMEX team is proud to contribute to the success of that goal.” The company has prided itself on continual improvement and innovation to better serve its customers and industries. A cornerstone in achieving this has been its PIA Automation network of global support with locations in North America, Europe, and Asia that provide continual support and service.

“PIA Automation provides leading quality solutions worldwide.,” states Falc Borchard, Vice President – Sales & Applications at PIA Automation North America “We’ve achieved the success and our market position we have today because of professionals like our PIAMEX team who share our commitment to quality and passion for fulfilling our customers’ automation needs. This milestone is a reason to celebrate with our local the team members who’ve gotten us here and all the group companies which enable us to be here.”

Dr. Uwe Krueger, President PIA Automation North America

"PIA Automation’s leadership in innovation is exemplified at this facility, from cutting edge technologies to their production of advanced manufacturing automation lines," said Dr. Uwe Krueger, President at PIA Automation North America. "We are incredibly proud of the rich history of PIAMEX, which represents the very best of manufacturing technology. We look forward to many years of innovation from the professionals on the PIAMEX team."

PIAMEX Automation is PIA Automation’s fourth subsidiary in North America and the twelfth member of the PIA Group. PIAMEX is based in León, located in the heart of the state of Querétaro-Guanajuato-San Luis Potosi. With experience in the areas of painting, powertrain, and services of the previous organization, PIAMEX is a local solution provider in Mexico.