PIA Foundation: Responsibility in Automation

Published on Apr 19, 2018


As a successful group we are convinced that an entrepreneurial mentality along with action are firmly linked to social responsibility. Therefore we support activities that contribute to the common good of society. Since the beginning of the year the social commitment of each PIA site has been bundled under the umbrella of the PIA Foundation with the aim of achieving an even greater im-pact.

The PIA Foundation stems from the vision of CEO Johannes Linden by establishing social re-sponsibility as an integral part of PIA's corporate culture. „PIA stands for passion, inspiration and ambition. It is exactly this combination, our DNA so to speak, that makes the difference. Every project needs an innovative approach however, it’s with passion that something good becomes something special and unique“, comments Johannes Linden. This approach spans the entire company, from customer projects all the way to the corporate citizenship of PIA Automation. So-cial engagement is anchored within the PIA mission: „We act responsibly toward our customers, our investors, and our social environment“. As the PIA Foundation we are dedicated to the follow-ing principles:

  • Promotion of science and research
  • Inspiration and development of young talents
  • Advancement of a healthy society

In all capacities we see ourselves as a partner who, in line with the content of the project and local circumstances, provides support in the form of know-how, active action, donations or spon-soring. Further, the involvement of our employees is very important to us. For example, employ-ees are welcome to submit ideas for peticular activities. An essential element in their evaluation requires proposals having to match the PIA values (such as respect, courage, passion) as well as the strategic business units of each location. This ensures a sustainable connection between corporate strategy and the content of the PIA Foundation.

PIA Automation supports - in line with Mobility - student projects in the powertrain sector. For example, PIA Automation Austria is helping the “joanneum racing graz” team, a dedicated group of students of the Automotive Engineering degree program at the University of Applied Sciences Graz (FH Joanneum). In addition to experts in matters of horsepower, carbon and cornering work, other degree programs such as production engineering and industrial design also contribute to the „Weasels“. Year after year a new race car is created which is showcased in the international design competition „Formula Student“. In addition to contributing financially, PIA Automation Aus-tria also contributes manpower and know-how in the production of special parts for the new rac-ing car „jr18“.

The electrification of the powertrain is becoming increasingly important. This is why PIA Automa-tion Amberg (Germany) has been supporting the „Running Snail“ racing team from the Technical University of Applied Sciences (OTH) in Amberg-Weiden for several years. Unlike the team from Graz, German students are active in the „Formula Student Electric“. Here, purely electrical pow-ered vehicles are used. The support of both racing teams through the PIA Foundation perfectly symbolizes our cross-location expertise in the field of mobility. PIA spans the spectrum from powertrain through e-mobility to hybrid drive systems.