Next generation of brake control modules

Published on May 15, 2019


PIA Automation has received an order to develop a highly automated line to assemble and test a new Integrated Braking Controller for a long standing valued customer.

The customer, who is a supplier of automotive electronics and safety devices, is a long term partner with PIA. PIA USA has supplied lines for many different products for this facility. The lines are installed in the US and designed and built in the PIA USA facility. “We are delighted that our strategic customer continues to rely on PIA and our technology and capabilities to advance their production and manufacturing and take more of the market share. This is a great testimony to high values we offer our customer”, says Barry Rahimian, President of PIA North America.

Four lines were previously supplied to the customer producing the original part design. These lines are for the next generation of brake control modules that have increased capabilities and additional assembly requirements. The new lines include dispensing of thermal paste for heat removal and surface treatment parts for silicone dispense and thermal cure. Processes were very similar to the previous generation, but the new design required different processes. The new line utilizes a more modern base construction that produces a very attractive line. The processes were further refined from previous lines to provide a very robust and reliable system. Being a safety device, the system incorporates full traceability for all processes.

This customer continues to partner with PIA because of the quality of equipment they receive from us, knowledge we have of their processes and needs of the high level service that we continue to supply to them.

Barry Rahimian (President PIA North America)

"We are delighted that our customer continues to rely on PIA and our technology".