Focus healthcare: PIA introduces new meditec® process module

Published on Jan 20, 2020


PIA Automation is one of the world's leading suppliers in automation.

In order to meet the increasingly high demands of its customers within the healthcare industry a new, flexible process module has been created.

PIA‘s meditec® product series combines the advantages of pre-assembled cells - namely high availability and short delivery times - with options for customizing and upgrading according to customer demands, without neglecting GMP requirements.

In addition to PIA's own pick-and-place handling solution, which is suitable for a variety of applications, the highlight of this modular cell concept is the meditec® drive system based on B&R's track technology and control platfrom. With this highly flexible system PIA is able to transport and position the smallest components at high pulse rates as well as parts up to 10 kg per shuttle with high repeating accuracy (+/- 10 μm). The transport system can be operated with different controls to meet customer‘s individual needs even better.

In order to comply with the ever growing demands related to software and controls technology PIA‘s medical division relies on the modern HMI/SCADA solution Zenon by CopaData. Throughout all its modules this software meets all FDA 21 Part 11 requirements and rules (AuditTrail, Batch Report, etc.).

According to the principle „configuring not programming“ the effort for validating the software is being reduced significantly. Furthermore the meditec® process module uses state-of-the-art technology. Equipped with IO Link sensors and OPC UA interfaces it is able to deliver data for various PIA I 4.0 digitisation solutions.

Advatages of the PIA meditec® process module:

  • Modular concept - flexible grid dimension 1200 mm
  • Drive components with small footprint
  • Intelligent transport system
  • Individual control is possible
  • Numerous reports are possible
  • Integration of PIA 4.0 digitisation solutions is possible

The new process module will be introduced at Pharmapack in Paris early February and MedtecLIVE in Nuremberg at the end of March.

product video