Handover of mask to clinic

Published on Apr 17, 2020


Doing something good - a thought that plays an important role at PIA Automation these days.

Converting the production in the course of the Corona crisis PIA Amberg is doing just this - helping the people in the region.

PIA Automation Amberg GmbH handed over 30,000 surgical face masks to the local clinic St. Marien this week. The masks are one of the most important aids fighting the Corona virus. They protect not only the patients but also the employees against infection or spread of the virus. "We are very happy to support the medical institutions in the region. It is important that doctors and nurses are able to do their work without worring about personal protective equipment", says Armin Schalk, Managing Director of PIA Automation in Amberg.

As Lothar Mehren, Head of Medical Division at PIA Automation states "the demand for disposable masks cannot possibly be managed by hand. Thanks to PIA’s fully automated mask production lines we can and want to help to slow the spread of the virus".

And every mask counts!