Battery partnership expanded to Mexico

Published on Apr 4, 2023


The global battery market continues to expand rapidly and, according to projections, the demand for battery capacities will increase fivefold by 2030– from 700 GWh today to 4,700 GWh. At 4,300 GWh, batteries for mobility applications account for the majority of this demand, with stationary energy storage and batteries for consumer electronics accounting for the remainder. PIA Automation engages in this future market together with several industrial partners. With one of these partners, PIA will also be active in North America for the first time, at a battery assembly plant in Mexico.

In collaboration with its partner, one of the world's leading manufacturers of batteries for electric vehicles, PIA is developing a solution for the assembly line of a US car manufacturer at its facility in Mexico. After plants in China and Europe, PIA is now realizing a project for this customer in the North American economic area for the first time, where there is an increasing demand for electromobility.

The installation of the plant at the new location is a component of PIA's strategy to accompany customers around the globe and provide technical support on site. This means close proximity for mutual communication, conception, assembly and support of the respective production solution. The partnership with this battery industry customer originated in China, grew in Europe, and now reaches yet another continent with the new cooperation project.

In Mexico, PIA Automation is setting up a logistics module in which battery modules for electric vehicles are unpacked and fed to a test area. PIA Automation Service Germany will offer its experience with this system, which has previously been implemented in more than sixty factories in Germany and Belgium. As a result, their significant involvement in the new project in Mexico assures smooth operations; the Mexican subsidiary PIAMEX is in charge of the technical implementation.

For PIA Automation, the joint project in Mexico serves as a launchpad for further projects with the customer in the North American economic area.

According to Mario Duron, Vice President – Sales, Customer Service & Technology at PIA Mexico, "In Mexico, we are proving to be a trusted and sustainable automation partner that can open up new business sectors, including the expansion of existing plants," "With this facility, we demonstrate how our customers benefit from our worldwide network in combination with the finest local support. In this way, PIA can align its services directly to the needs of the customer – a win-win situation for everyone involved."