In the thick of things

Published on Oct 23, 2020


PIA's production systems impress with their quality and reliability. Our highly qualified service technicians are available at every location to ensure that this condition will persist. No other PIA branch is closer to the customer than the PIA Automation Service DE GmbH in Erfurt and Stuttgart. Their location managers offer a little insight in a word rap.

  Erfurt Stuttgart
Year of establishment: 2010 2016
Number of employees: 13 5
Our main tasks are... ...service tasks (incl. spare parts, on-call duties) for German customers as well as processing small projects. as well as German customers front and rear differential line conversions.
Our most important customers are... …Tier-1 automotive supplier. …German premium car manufacturers.
For us, being “in the thick of things” means... constantly show presence at our customers. And, of course, our team spirits and cooperation with other PIA locations. ...being close to our customers with our office directly at one client factory premises and thus being able to offer quick service.
When hearing the word “PIA”, our customers think of... ...timely and quick spare parts supply and simple project processing. ...quick help with problems and plant standstills as well as a competent partner that delivers solutions.
Our goal for the future is... keep growing together with the PIA Group and process larger orders. develop new employees and serve new customers.

Stefan Seidnitzer 
(PIA Automation Service DE, Erfurt)

Andreas Mäckle 
(PIA Automation Service DE, Stuttgart)

Due to the corona pandemic, there has been a strong increase in inquiries for mask production lines since the beginning of the year. PIA's Medical Competence Center in Amberg is responsible for the development and construction of these lines. The construction and commissioning is supported by the service locations Erfurt and Stuttgart. A team from each location is on site for almost all commissioning in Europe and guarantees a fast and professional installation of the mask production lines. More than 50 systems have now been set up for a wide range of customers. This shows once again the quality of PIA: comprehensive industry expertise, cooperation across locations and service at the highest level.