PIA Next Generation Day

Published on May 29, 2019


On May 27 and 28 PIA organized the first cross-company apprentices` meeting called "PIA Next Generation Day".

The first meeting of apprentices and trainer was done in Grambach (Austria) and following participants/apprenticeships were involved: 16 PIA Austria apprentices (mechatronics, mechanical technicians, electrical technicians, operating logistics and machining), 12 PIA Amberg apprentices (mechatronics, machining, technical product design), as well as 2 apprentices from PIA Bad Neustadt ( mechatronics, technical product design).

Our apprentices have been working on assembly of "PIA Next Generation" part, as well as on topics like analyzing differences in apprenticeship in Austria and Germany and making suggestions for employer branding campaigns for apprentices. PIA Austria apprentices have done the company tour and have proudly presented their local company to the colleagues from Germany.

"PIA Next Generation Day" was a real success and the young generation showed us how to cooperate across locations in a very easy and efficient way.