PIA sets a new pace

Published on Oct 28, 2019


If assembly processes are to be automated quickly and safely, rotary transfer systems are used. These systems are ideal when small assembly-line production must be cost-effective, efficient to assemble and only a small amount of space is to be used. With the so-called Compact Basic Machine (CGM) from PIA, the system has been optimized. With maximum safety, up to 72 parts per minute are now feasible and the change of curve profiles only takes a few seconds. This was achieved in cooperation with Pilz.

At PIA‘s Amberg site, the compact CGM rotary tables have been upgraded since the fixed curve profiles did not allow for changes or a further increase in performance. The further development of the CGM has now been implemented together with the automation expert Pilz from Ostfildern. PIA and Pilz have maintained a successful partnership for fifteen years.

The CGM rotary table is a servo-controlled, modular and fully flexible automatic system. Drive and movement of the inserts are carried out purely electromechanically. A driven axis is responsible for the movement of the round table as well as the vertical and horizontal stroke. "The machine assembles components into filigree mechanics over 16 stations, such as microswitches, small plugs or parts of a razor. Parts are supplied via conveyor belts, workpiece carriers, vibration conveyors and handling units," reports Stefan Unger (software developer, PIA Amberg). The swivel movement of the table is decoupled from the insertion movement and offers maximum flexibility in time-long or sequential processes. The highest precision is required, especially when assembling very small parts. If the emergency stop is operated or a protective door is opened during operation, the axles must under no circumstances lose their mechanical cohesion and run asynchronously. Dispersing the axles would result in costly damage to the joining and receiving devices.

In the now optimized rotary tables from PIA, the motion control system PMCprimo DriveP from Pilz is responsible for the safe movement management as a complete solution. A total of three PMCprotego D servo amplifiers with one PMCprotego S safety card are used in the CGM machine. In case of improper interventions or when the emergency stop button is pressed, the system reacts within milliseconds. The monitoring times of the safety card are designed in such a way that the three axes brake down together on the electronic master and the mechanical unit is guaranteed regardless. After unlocking the emergency stop button and pressing the reset button, the system continues to operate in exactly the same place without a basic position drive.

Due to the conversion of the CGM tables, the rotary tables from PIA can reach more cycles per minute and the reuse percentage as well as the technical availability are significantly higher and the automatic machines are optimally suited for short product runtimes. These brief switching times allow for optimized processing. With only three servo motors and electric grippers, the energy consumption is comparatively low.

A Compact Basic Machine (CGM) from PIA Automation.