Green Energy – Case Study

Junction boxes for solar modules

They are the heart of every solar module. Strong power currents require uncompromising quality production.

Solar connection boxes are live – the direct current supplied by the solar cells of a photovoltaic module flows together here and is passed on to the inverter via a cable connection. An enormous amount of heat can develop exactly at this point if the sunlight is strong and the power current at its highest. The solar connection box is exposed to constant material stress due to the impact of the temperature and voltage differences. Only a perfectly processed product will work smoothly here for long periods of time.

PIA has created a fully automatic assembly line for this component. It is produced by a linear transfer system, on which the product is used as a workpiece carrier. This avoids additional tolerances that need to be addressed or compensated for.

The module pre-assembly is carried out by two upstream rotary indexing tables with 14 stations. This system therefore enables the stress-free assembly of sensitive and often delicate diodes.

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