We offer everything to ensure hassle-free operations

PIA Support

Post-commissioning service

After final approval of our systems by the customer, the contacts for our customers are reassigned from the development and planning team to the members of our production and maintenance team. To assure compliance with customers’ needs, PIA Automation places a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals at their disposal. Our after-sales service offers the best-possible support after handing over the systems and is the first port of call for questions and support requests of all kinds.

Remote diagnosis & remote maintenance

Diagnostics and maintenance is a question of networking. Our data connection to the production facility at the customer’s enables location-independent monitoring.

PIA offers Augmented Support as part of its technical management (O&M – Operation and Maintenance): Automated production facilities can be monitored and maintained over any distance using appropriately designed data connections. Expensive and time-consuming journeys of service technicians can be dispensed with.

Our services

  • Interactive support in real time
  • Audio-visual connection between local operators and the PIA back office
  • Display of support instructions in the operator’s field of vision
  • Display of additional information to help with complex tasks
  • Hands-free for the operator

Spare parts management

We keep your production lines up & running – and we always have the right spare parts ready

Speed and determination are very necessary when procuring spare parts and creating spare parts packages – because every minute of production downtime costs money. We have the necessary sources of supply and are able to procure spare parts in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our services

  • Identification of the required parts
  • Short-term preparation of offers
  • Production or procurement of the required spare parts
  • Repair of defective assemblies
  • Definition of spare parts packages in accordance with the maintenance agreement


Repairs are done quickly and smoothly – pia system elements reduce repair times and costs.

The need for repairs is difficult to predict or schedule. That’s why we always have materials and personnel on hand to repair damage quickly and smoothly and to effectively prevent longer downtimes in a production facility.

Our services

  • Short-term, on-site deployment of specialists to restore the production capability of your facility as quickly as possible
  • The fastest possible help from technicians for troubleshooting
  • Dispatch of technicians for on-site deployment
  • Express production of spare parts through our in-house production
  • Access to our warehouse
  • Reliable warranty management
  • Standardized processing of complaints via our event logger
  • Coordination with subcontractors

Retrofit & Updates

Production requirements often change – and pia is always well prepared for these changes.

Of course, we can also carry out extensive retrofitting and modernization of existing facilities. Our assembly cells and system elements are designed in such a way that expansions and conversions can be tackled quickly and efficiently. Regular software updates or adjustments to the control software due to changed production requirements or system updates are standard tasks for our experts.

Our services

  • Retrofitting: conversions, extensions and modernizations
  • Implementation of customers’ desired changes to the facility on a force account basis
  • Documentation of changes
  • Software updates


Proactive maintenance is important to maintain a high level of plant availability. Pia offers tailor-made maintenance concepts.

Regular inspections and maintenance intervals are mandatory for machines that operate continuously. We offer our customers individual maintenance contracts that are perfectly adapted to the requirements of ongoing production. As a result, availability levels can be increased and, where required, agreed upon. Evaluation of records, analyses, troubleshooting strategies and documentation are all part of our maintenance tasks.

Our services

  • Creation of individual maintenance schedules according to the specifications and requirements of the customer
  • Determination of the actual maintenance requirements before maintenance is started
  • Organization and carrying out of maintenance by our own specialists and specialists from system suppliers
  • Monitoring/inspection of mechanical, electrical and IT-related facility components
  • Optimization of output and NIO rate
  • Creation of maintenance reports
  • Evaluation of further optimization potential
  • On-site inspection of mechanical, electrical and IT-related facility components at regular intervals
  • Evaluation of entries recorded in the event logger
  • Preparation of a detailed report on the current status of the facility and recommendations for any necessary measures.

Production support

As facility construction specialists, we know exactly how a production facility works – and our entire expertise is at your disposal.

Upon commencement of production, if adjustments and improvements must be made following conversions, adaptations or retrofits, it may be necessary for the operation of the facility to be temporarily taken over by our experts to ensure its smooth operation.

Our services

  • Production support and optimization by facility experts
  • On-site troubleshooting within the timeframe requested by the customer
  • Professional on-site maintenance and repair of the facility
  • On-site deployment of PIA personnel for troubleshooting, maintenance and repair

Training & training courses

Man-machine interaction plays an outstanding role in the performance of production facilities.

As planners and designers of a new production facility, we are well acquainted with the operation, control and monitoring of facilities – and we adapt our services to exactly match the requirements of each customer.

Our services

  • Determination of training needs in cooperation with the customer
  • Development of training concepts
  • Short-term preparation of offers
  • Preparation of training documents
  • Implementation of training at the customer’s or at one of PIA’s sites

Change and version management

Nothing is so short-lived as software... But pia is always prepared

Control software (e.g. PLC) is naturally subject to constant change and modification. We’ll handle regular software version updates for you – and we can make adaptations that will anchor changed production processes and new processes accordingly.

Our services

  • Creation of detailed documentation according to customer requirements
  • Subsequent documentation of changes by the customer or third party