Together we will master this crisis!

Veröffentlicht am May 12, 2020
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With locations in China, Europe and North America, PIA Automation was at the forefront of fighting the corona pandemic from the very beginning.During this time, PIA's crisis management team and all site managers were in constant contact with the authorities in order to react quickly and appropriately. The exchange of information within the PIA network guaranteed that the best response to this challenging situation was found together - both in terms of health measures and the successful handling of all customer projects. In an interview, Johannes Linden (CEO of PIA Holding) describes his impressions of the first months of the Corona crisis.

How did the pandemic impact PIA?

Our employees are PIA’s most important resource. And so we have quickly taken all required safety measures to protect their health. We provided disinfectant, implemented the mandatory wearing of facemasks in sensitive areas, switched to shift operation and working from home to comply with social distancing rules.

There is a great feeling of uncertainty in the economy since the beginning of the first quarter. The reason for this is the consumers’ reluctance to order which has a direct effect on the producers – us included. However, we have boldly seized an opportunity by building mask production systems. The first plants were quickly manufactured in China and their know-how was equally quickly transferred to our sites in Amberg and North America. By now, we have sold almost 100 mask production systems and demand is still high. We have made the best of a difficult situation and now possess production technology to manufacture facemasks as well as particle-filtering half masks (FFP2, KN95, N95).

Johannes Linden (CEO, PIA Holding)

"Especially in times like these, we stand by our customers with Passion, Inspiration and Ambition."

What is the current economic situation?

We expect overall business to decline in comparison with last year. According to the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), however, this is true for the entire industry everywhere in the world. At the same time we expect the situation to alleviate once the pandemic has been stopped. Similar to the world financial crisis in 2008, the curve will shoot up again afterwards. Currently we need to save money to get through this crisis as well as possible. Simultaneously we will have to observe the market to be ready for the recovery which, so I think and hope, will happen in the fall.

As we have seen in recent months, the situation can change without warning. And that’s why it’s all the more important to put PIA on solid footing. And to establish medical technology as an additional pillar is a correct step. At the same time, the crisis confirmed the importance of PIA’s “local for local” principle. Our network continued to function even with interrupted delivery chains and our customers were able to get their equipment locally.

What's your appeal?

We know how important PIA's facilities are for our customers. Our global sales and project management team is therefore in constant contact with our business partners to gather all relevant information so that orders can be delivered on time as usual. Especially in times like these, we stand by our customers with Passion, Inspiration and Ambition: Together we will master this crisis!