PIA makes roads safer

Veröffentlicht am Mar 26, 2021
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Flawless and predictive detection of traffic situations is a fundamental prerequisite for automated driving. Especially when considering driver assistance systems (ADAS), trouble-free operation is vital. PIA Automation, with its modularly designed and rapid convertible automation modules provides the perfect basis for series-ready and safe products such as LiDAR sensors.

PIA Automation's many years of experience in the fields of automotive safety, electronics and medical technology help us to meet the high demands placed on ADAS products. Focusing, measuring, testing, thermal curing, laser welding, automated screwdriving, and the like are just a selection of processes that PIA's innovative assembly lines can handle. Further, PIA Automation has been working with ADAS for more than 10 years. While the global competence center of the PIA Group is located in Evansville (USA), PIA's expertise in driver assistance systems in Europe is concentrated in Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale. "We develop and manufacture assembly lines for camera, LiDAR and radar systems for our business partners. In addition to our expertise and our comprehensive technology toolbox, customers appreciate PIA's global presence as well as our flexibility. We are capable of supporting our partners with concept and design ideas (DFMA) in the early stages of a project," states Thomas Ernst, CTO of PIA Automation Holding. Simultaneous engineering is the name given to the process when a product is still under development, however, the production plant should be designed and built for it. This is also the case with a current project for LiDAR transceiver modules.

Thomas Ernst (CTO, PIA Automation Holding)

"No matter where the ADAS journey goes: PIA delivers the right production systems for it."

"LiDAR stands for 'light detection and ranging'. Similar to radar, this method is used for optical distance and speed measurement. However, LiDAR uses laser beams instead of radio waves," explains Daniel Reichert, Key Account Manager at PIA in Bad Neustadt. The project he is in charge of is being handled in cooperation with a specialist for optical measurement and manufacturing systems. The end customer is a French subsidiary of one of the world's largest automotive suppliers, which specializes in the manufacturing of radar and driver assistance systems. The assembly line is divided into three areas: alignment, curing and testing. Since the product is still under development, there is no design freeze for series production. This means that PIA Automation has to be agile in the engineering process in order to react quickly to changes.

The cornerstone for this project is a long-standing relationship with the cooperation partner as well as the end customer. As Daniel Reichert further states, "For the end customer, a global footprint of its suppliers is also crucial for cooperation. PIA Automation is ideally positioned with its worldwide presence and the 'local for local' principle." There is a "Preferred Partnership Agreement" with the cooperation partner, which promotes efficient concurrence with mutual support of the respective expertise in projects as well as the further development of innovative technology and processes.

Daniel Reichert (Key Account Manager, PIA Automation Bad Neustadt)

“Our many years of experience help us to meet the high demands placed on ADAS products.”

This is a successful model that is already familiar from North America. "PIA's site in Evansville, USA, has already built camera imager systems successfully with the alignment specialist. This is why we are again exchanging information closely with our colleagues in North America as part of this project," reports Daniel Reichert.

The fact that autonomous cars are no longer science fiction is demonstrated not only by the increase in research projects in this field, but also by the expansion of test tracks. Additional evidence of this is the increase in inquiries at PIA for ADAS assembly lines. "There are currently concrete talks for additional imager lines from China and the NAFTA region. Also, in the pipeline are projects for camera systems. No matter what future developments and requirements there are in the ADAS sector: PIA Automation will supply the appropriate production systems for them. That’s a promise!" says Thomas Ernst.