Fighting the virus together

Veröffentlicht am Apr 22, 2020
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Neues von den Standorten

Since the spread of the Corona virus can only be combated by joining forces, automation specialist PIA Automation and special machine manufacturer Ruhlamat have signed a license agreement. The aim is to make a rapid and significant joint contribution to minimize the high demand for facemasks.

The demand for facemasks remains high and continues to rise. It will take time until an approved vaccine is available. That is why masks - apart from keeping a distance - are currently the best protection against being infected. Many machine manufacturers are working at full speed together with their customers to realize the machine production of masks. Due to the increased number of requests and the need to provide mask production machines, PIA Automation Amberg GmbH, the medical competence center of the PIA Group, has increased its capacities and started a 3-shift operation in compliance with all health and safety measures.

The virus is a powerful opponent that can only be defeated by working together. Therefore, PIA has signed a license agreement for the production of mask machines with the company Ruhlamat. The special machine manufacturer from Marksuhl distributes and builds the mask production systems developed by PIA under license. The objective is to be able to quickly satisfy the high global demand for protective masks and to increase the sales and production of the urgently needed fully automatic machines in Europe. The development of the machines is also to be pushed forward together. In these difficult times, people have to maintain a distance, but in order to overcome the crisis, new paths have to be treaded and limits overcome. The cooperation between PIA Automation and Ruhlamat is an example of how - in addition to “social distancing” - “industrial approaching” can make a significant contribution to combating the virus.

You can find more information about the mask production systems on PIAs website.