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As one of the leading global automation specialists, PIA Automation pursues two strategic approaches: within the PIA network "Strategic Business Units" (SBUs) have been defined which act as centers of competence for specific topics - such as e-mobility or healthcare - and occupy the respective market segment as a technological leader.

However, we also associate a SBU with the responsibility of helping other locations with technological issues - which brings us to the second point: PIA's "local for local" principle. We can guarantee our customers not only automation expertise in various industries, but also that they can source their equipment and our services locally.

PIA Automation Holding GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of the Joyson Holding Group.
It is comprised of the following companies:

  • Ningbo PIA Automation Holding Corp.
  • PIA Automation Bad Neustadt GmbH
  • PIA Automation Amberg GmbH
  • PIA Automation US Inc.
  • PIA Automation Canada Inc.
  • PIA Automation Austria GmbH
  • PIA Automation Croatia d.o.o.
  • PIA Automation Service DE GmbH (Erfurt, Stuttgart)
  • PIA Automation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Management PIA Automation Holding GmbH

The management of PIA Automation has set the vision for the group: "To be your leading Partner in Automation. Worldwide."
With passion, inspiration and ambition, we are getting one step closer to this ambitious goal every day.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Johannes Linden

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Georg Weiler

Chief Technical Officer

Thomas Ernst

Chief China Officer

Shilai Xie